Meet Some of Our Friends

We would be happy to introduce you to some of our friends incase you're looking for a service we don't provide!


Baldwin, NY
One of the best trainers in NY.
Contact Steve (917) 714-5807

Wyndmoor Kennels

Northeastern PA
Top quality GSD puppies & dog training equipment.
Contact Jim (215) 257-1565

Plateau Kennels

Frenchtown, NJ
A kennel with a caring touch.
Contact Jennifer (908) 996-4209

It's a Miracle Dog Spa

Lebanon, NJ
Another fantastic place for your dog.
Contact Christian (908) 236-8855

Kunzwald German Shepherds

North Wales, PA
Breeds some very nice working dogs.
Contact Jim (215) 527-8187

NorthEastern K9

Philadelphia, PA
A very experienced trainer.
Contact Dave (610)-905-5445

Pierson Creek Kennels

Lambertville, NJ
A very nice, clean, comfortable kennel.
Contact Kyle (888) 875-8379

Loving Care Dog Grooming

Flemington, NJ
Experienced groomers who groom with care.
Call Nancy (908) 806-7447

Mobile Veterinary Service

Stockton, NJ
Another great service, emergency hours available
Contact Dr. Chadd Tindal (908) 996-6600

Training with Kindness

Milford, NJ
Visit them for more info on training classes.
Contact Cheryl (908) 479-4268