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From small puppies to large overconfident dogs and everything in between


Steve started his career working with military working dogs in the US Marines in 1980.

While in the Marines Steve had an opportunity to work with patrol dogs, narcotic detection and explosive detection dogs. It was during this time that he developed a deep appreciation and love for the working line aspect of dogs and understanding how productive it is for a dog to have a job

After the Marines Steve switched gears and entered into the guide dog field taking a job at Pilot dogs right here in Columbus. Steve moved on and took a job as an instructor at the prestigious the Seeing Eye.

In 2002, started Real K9 Solutions in New Jersey and for many years had a busy schedule of working across the country splitting his time training guide dog and service dog teams and working with private clientele in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania

Steve took a job in 2013 as a field instructor for the Guide Dog Foundation and America’s Vetdog’s it was here that he received his certification as a assistant dog instructor through assistance dogs International.

Steve has competed in the competitive and demanding sport of Schutzhund with several dogs, competing at the local, regional and national level.

From small puppies to large overconfident dogs and everything in between, he has worked with them all. Steve is thankful to have worked for some of the most elite and prestigious dog training organizations In the country. With over 4 decades of dedicating his life to helping, training and solving dog training issues, He is eager to bring his experience and dedication to Columbus.

Real K9 Solutions


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